Upside Down

Living out kingdom values in today's world

Student Leadership Formación is a conference for student leaders and potential leaders, from over 50 countries all across Europe. We gather to learn and explore leadership in relation to God’s Kingdom.

During this course, students learn about who God is, how God created them, with what purpose, and what leadership looks like with their strengths. They explore their own context and the needs of the gospel within it. They are challenged to learn and grow in an international learning community and to pass on their learning to others in their local context.



In this year’s theme, we will focus on how we live out the upside-down values of God’s kingdom in today’s world. We will follow the theme of God’s kingdom throughout the Bible, starting with how God established his kingdom on earth and how humans have rejected it, and how ever since we have to live in this tension of holding on to God’s values in a world that refuses to acknowledge him as king. 

What does it then look like to lead in God’s upside-down way in a broken world? 

With Bible teaching, worship, community groups and solitude we want to ask God to show us how to live out his upside-down values in today’s world and to discover our calling as his children as well as leaders in student ministry.  We want to explore more of what it means that Jesus is our king today. Ninety people from at least 20 countries from all over Europe will gather to start this year-long journey.  Join us – we would love to have you there!


The course involves three different stages of learning and community:

  1. A 6-day conference in Bulgaria in August.
  2. Monthly community group meetings and mentoring sessions on Zoom.
  3. A concluding time of celebration together in May 2025.


As we are on a one-year-journey we will be having different possibilities to listen to speakers, staff, and inspiring leaders. The conference in Bulgaria will be shaped by Bible expositions and teachings in the mornings, given by IFES Europe Associate Regional Secretary Craig Weyrens.

We will also have learning cycles, leadership teachings, worship nights and other fun activities. Those will be led by other senior staff of IFES movements in Europe.

The same counts for the online meetings following the in person conference throughout the year. You can get to know our team in time on Instagram.


This year Formación costs €350 per student (or student movement). Scholarships are available if needed. You may pay here, for yourself or someone else.

To donate to a general scholarship fund for Formación students, visit here.

All applications will be confirmed with your national movement to verify your nomination.

Registration for 2024-2025 will open 1 January. Please use the right form according to your role at Formación.