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Engaging the University

Assignment after October 17th:

A.   Ask 2 people whom you’ll meet on campus about the following questions:

  1. What, in your opinion, is the biggest issue on campus (biggest question, biggest problem, biggest challenge)?
  2. Who are the underdogs (weak, despised (internationals? Poorer? Exam failers, women… ) of the campus?

These questions will help you think about your campus and enter conversation with classmates and others. Please do ask people you know but who are not Christian. You may want to share some of their answers in a future CG meeting. You can keep asking these questions to your friends around meals/socials, etc. during the entire year.

B.   Prepare your own “Campus exegesis video”

Watch the following video in which Timothée takes you on a tour of his campus. The goal is that it will inspire you to film your own video for the Formacion22 ETUmovie competition.

Your video should be max 3min long. So choose 1-2 places which are very important for you and give us your impressions.

Questions to orient your preparation of your own campus exegesis video (numbers refer to minutes in Timothée’s video)

  • When you look at where people meet: think about how you could come into conversation with them? What would their needs, their dreams and their fears be? How could you pray for them? (min. 12 and 20)
  • Do you have an idea what books are most often borrowed from the library of your university? (min. 15)
  • Are there “smaller place” where as Christians you could also bring in your perspectives? (min 18)?

Technical note: Timothée did is video with a professional videographer. We don’t expect your video to be of that level of quality. You could just film yourself but maybe its better to give your phone to a friend to film you as you speak. Make sure that the sound is clear enough.

Your Community Group leaders will watch all the videos and select one which will then continue to the next step of the competition and shown to the whole Formacion group. The winning video will become part of the eLearning cours “Introduction to Engaging the University” from IFES and seen by many people!

If you want and to inspire your thinking and your video, you can read the following two articles:

And if you still have questions about Engaging the University, why not consult the “ETU Q&A” online?

C.   Upload your own “Campus exegesis video”

Once you have filmed and edited your video. Please upload it in this folder!

And then decide as a CG which of your videos will enter the Formacion ETU competition